Do You Have ADHD?

ADHD can affect your life in college.

An accurate understanding of the problem is helpful for making decisions to promote your success.

Many of our clients first suspected that their level of inattention, impulsivity, or overactivity were a problem when they were younger. Some have learned about the scope of their challenges after completing symptom checklists, like the Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD) Test for Adults.

College students with ADHD can struggle because they:

  • Make careless mistakes on assignments
  • Have difficulty starting their work and staying focused to complete it
  • Lose track of time and miss deadlines
  • Forget to turn their work for their classes
  • Oversleep and miss classes and appointments
  • Have a hard time prioritizing commitments and obligations
  • Feel their mind wandering and find it nearly impossible to pay attention in class
  • Have difficulty balancing their personal life with their school work
  • Use study strategies that don’t seem to work as well as they hope

College can be an exciting time because of the freedom and choices that are part of the experience. However, students with ADHD may feel like the structure and support that their parents or teachers provided when they were younger no longer fit in this new environment. Universities often offer assistance through their different offices — but this isn’t the same having a one-on-one coach who is dedicated to you. Our coaches take the initiative and reach out to you to make sure that you don’t fall through the cracks of college life.