Plan Features and Monthly Costs

Services includedCore planPremium plan
Personalized intake, including setting goals, identifying needs and strengths, and creating a tailored system******
Improving organization and prioritization skills******
Building time management and planning skills******
Sharpening study skills******
Reducing procrastination******
Monitoring and supporting assignment completion******
Increasing skills to manage stress, frustration, anxiety, and self-motivation***
Consulting between coach and parents as requested***
Promoting life skills development, such as living independently away from home, maintaining relationships, adhering to medication***
Editing and proofreading documents, and reviewing students’ notes, homework, and lessons outside of meeting times*
Assessing ADHD symptoms, executive functioning, study skills, and career interests as requested*
Supporting career exploration and/or planning for graduate school*
Included hours per month79
Monthly plan cost$560$685
Stars in the second and third columns indicate the typical level of focus for each service in our plans. Services can be tailored within the set number of plan hours purchased for the month. We offer more extensive, customized plans upon request.