What is ADHD Coaching?

Coaching is a partnership, with a focus on gaining skills.

Coaches provide clients with structure, encouragement, and feedback to address their specific challenges.  They hold clients accountable for following through on their goals.

Coaching involves creating a direct partnership with college students, supported by regular meetings and check-ins.  The goal is to empower students to achieve their goals and enhance their success through actionable steps.  It is different than therapy, tutoring, or monitoring to report back to parents.

Coaching begins with learning about your goals and about the areas that are the most difficult for you.

You’ll provide your coach with a roadmap about how attention and organization problems impact your life at college.  You’ll then prioritize and develop action plans each week given your work for the week ahead.  You and your coach can anticipate the roadblocks that you may encounter, and develop strategies to work around each of them.

Your ADHD coach will create a plan for accountability, will streamline your efforts, and will enhance your motivation.  Together, you will use reminder systems to monitor your progress and increase follow-through.

Your coach will check in on you during the week to provide encouragement, to ensure you remain on track, and to promote your productivity.  It is all about making college more successful and less stressful for you.